PWA Friday Night Fights Mission Statement:

PWA Friday Night Fights will debut on 12/4/2015 and will run every Friday night! Not only are we bringing back weekly wrestling to CT, but we are doing it with a new and innovative concept!

The Friday Night Fights will consist of five matches. 10 wrestlers will enter the PWA Arena. Each will be given a number 1-10. For each match, two numbers will be randomly drawn and the two wrestlers with those number will then have to fight each other. The 5 winners will take part the next week and continue on until they lose or opt out. 5 new wrestlers will be added each week to replace the ones who lost the week before. The Arena will have it's own win/lose record as the Friday Night Fights progress along. The first 2 wrestlers to gain 20 wins in the Arena will receive a match on one of PWA's big shows.

There will be unlimited options and unexpected match ups! There will be new talent every week, so you never know who you will see and what match ups there will be!

PWA is always striving to entertain our fans with great talent, and now we will combine that with our original Friday Night Fights concept! All this for $5! Be there at PWA (327 Sandbank Rd, Cheshire, CT) every Friday night, 8pm starting on 12/4/2015!

Are you ready? Let the lions in...start the show!